Monday, August 06, 2007

Emma's turn to visit...

Since big sister Caitlin came for a visit a few weeks ago, it is Emma's turn to come and spend some special time with Uncle George and Aunt E. As with Caitlin, Emma was able to choose one place to eat while she was here. Chuck E. Cheese was her choice. Granted, in all honesty, I wasn't terribly excited about the choice, but I located a coupon online, and we headed out for dinner. Uncle George had never had the privilege of pizza, games, and the mayhem, but really it wasn't too busy, so we enjoyed the fun.

The thrill of a roller coaster ride without losing your stomach.

One of Emma's favorites was to get in front of the screen and dance. She decided Uncle George needed to show his moves too.
Emma projected onto the big screen, dancing on the beach.

Getting chummy with Mr. Cheese.
I think her daddy will be proud of this one.

I was too big for the "Fun Bus", but I tried to hop on anyway.

This picture, is a picture of a picture...and requires a little explanation. One particular activity Emma did was for a mechanical Chuck E. Cheese to do a drawing of her. First, you center your head/face in the circle. Second, it captures a picture by counting down from five to zero. Third, it uses the picture to do a pencil drawing of you. Fourth, it prints so you can take it home. Well, Emma smiled big waiting for the picture and at the perfect moment, she decided to wink. It turned out so well! George and I decided it made the whole night!! Tomorrow Emma and I will head out to get a frame for her picture.


strem said...

I can't believe how grown up she looks. I love the picture of Emma - as the wink give it exactly the right touch! But, we would have liked to have seen Uncle George dancing with his beach scene in the background.

lydia said...

I love the picture! Very cute. Uncle George: those are some pretty cool moves you've got going on.