Thursday, October 18, 2007

Buzz buzz...

As many know, my uncle is a bee keeper. I had never heard much about the process until we were able to get a brief tutorial while we were visiting. Below are some pictures of the "bee world".
This shot is from their driveway which curves around the back of their house. If you look closely beneath the trees, you can see a small portion of his bee hives.
A black and white version of the picture.
Teaching in action

The entrance and exit for the bees, a small little crack.
This is the best picture I could get of a bee. My zoom just wasn't good enough.
I don't remember what this huge thing does...but the process was much more complex than I thought.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

A few more pictures ...

The other night I couldn't get all my pictures in my post. Here are just a few mom commented it was a beautiful setting and very peaceful. To explain the picture below; I was sitting on a bench and snagged my pants on a small nail. George had the bright idea to use a soda can to pound it down. Unfortunately, he just shook up the soda, and then put a small hole in the bottom of the can. If you look closely you can see a stream of soda coming out.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Georgia Trip

Last Friday evening we flew to Atlanta. George had been asked to go and preach for Dallas Primitive Baptist Church in Dallas, Georgia. My cousin, Stephen, met us at the airport and took us to my Uncle Victor and Aunt Elaine's home. We visited some, but after working all day, flying, and a time change we were pretty tired.

Saturday the church was getting together at a local park for a fish fry. There was an abundance of fried foods...onion rings, fries, hush puppies, and of course, several types of fish. There was plenty of fellowship and fun for everyone. We even had quite the game of volleyball, and some played croquet. I included two pictures my uncle took of George and I "in action". Not the most attractive pictures of either of us...but pretty funny anyway.

Over the next few days I'll post a few more pictures and write a little more about our trip

Monday, October 08, 2007

CVS makes my day!

I was so excited to hit CVS this week I went on my way to work!!

I will start with...if someone just walked in and bought each item we did, at regular price, they would have spent $32.00 +tax, but here's our breakdown.

2 Palmolive dish soap : sale price $1.49 each - .25 coupon (x2) - $1 ECB = paid $0.24 each

1 box Playtex Sport : price $4.99 - $2.50 coupon -$3 ECB = earned $0.51

2 tubes Crest ProHealth : sale price $3.29 - $1 coupon (x2) - $3.29 ECB = earned $1.00 each

3 tubes Colgate MaxFresh : sale price $2.99 - .75 coupon (x3) - $2 ECB = paid $0.24 each

1 Beano to Go : price $2.99 - $1.oo coupon - $2.99 ECB = earned $1.00

1 Lady's Speed Stick 24/7 : sale price $1.99 - $1 coupon - $1 ECB = earned $0.01

We earned $2.32!! I like how my wonderful husband puts it, "They paid us $2.32 to take all that stuff?" The Crest and Beano are a month-long offer. Crest has a limit of 2 and Beano has a limit of 5. If you combine the offers with coupons, they become money makers. By the we don't use Beano...but are looking for a nursing home or facility to donate it to. :)

Friday, October 05, 2007

One tolerant dog...

I see many ads offering child friendly dogs...Not that Bailey is up for grabs...but that poor dog is put through the wringer with Hannah...just wait until he has two girls picking at him. Here's the evidence...

Rough job

With Abigail's arrival approaching rapidly...Ben and Julie have been trying to attack their Christmas shopping early. We volunteered to watch Hannah Thursday night, so they could get a little more done. was a rough job!! Not really, we loved it!! Of course we took the camera along and tried to capture the evening in pictures.

We smiled.
We gave kisses.
We organized coupons.
That was a little too much fun to play we ended up putting them away.
We played with the door/house toy.We read books.We played on the slideWe laughed (while Uncle G pounded on the bottom of the slide)
We played in the house, and loved flipping it over.
Isn't she precious?

Monday, October 01, 2007

At a loss for words...

Through out the day I keep up with the news by occasionally looking at various news websites to see what is happening in the area and in the country. Today I ran across something very disturbing. I found a brief interview regarding a controversial billboard. While I know not everyone agrees with some of our conservative views, but advertising infidelity is just gut wrenching. I briefly looked at the website who recently place a billboard ad stating "Life is short. Have an affair". Honestly, I didn't want to linger on the site, but from what I can tell, it is a site to connect people who are unhappy in their current relationships.

Looking at their frequently asked questions page it asks, "Does Ashley Madison promote infidelity? -- NO, Ashley Madison does not encourage anyone to stray. In fact, if you are having difficulty in your relationship you should seek counseling. However, if you feel you will seek a person other than your partner to fill your unmet need, then we truly believe that our service is the best place to start."

The gentleman in the interview seemed to contradict himself, and I agree with the interviewer, that perhaps it is just a ploy to catch people when they are weak and get some money in the process. If he truly believes that one should bring the concerns in the relationship to his or her partner, then why does the website emphasize secrecy, and that mailings will not be sent to the home or e-mail. This is not a company in which basic Christian and family-based morals are considered.

I know marriage/relationship is not always easy, but I believe the "service" this company offers leads to nothing other than destruction to individuals' lives and relationships. I could go on and on about all the various things I saw just by being on the website a few minutes, like the 12,051 users currently online or the statement, "When monogamy becomes monotony", but I would rather go spend time with my husband and cherish the evening with him.