Monday, February 19, 2007

Guys night out

Some of the guys got together for a fun night with just the guys before George left. The original plan was for dinner on Friday night, paintball on Saturday morning, then lunch. Due to subzero temperatures they switched paintball for a shooting range. I think a good time was had by all, they even got to play a few games of pool.

Gotta have proof of your shoot ability I guess. Daniel proudly put his on his wall in his room.

Wow...kinda scary...I don't think I've ever seen George with a gun.

George and Jeff

John ... not quite sure what he is looking at. I don't get to know many details...just see pictures, and make the rest up. :-)

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Update on G

As you can imagine, I have talked to George numerous times since he left. I think just today we have called back and forth at least 5 times. Although he is without his own transportation, he was able to make it to church today. Through e-mail my parents were able to locate a church near him and George contacted the pastor, Elder Joe Holder. The pastor then put him in touch with a couple that live near his hotel who offered to pick him up. The church was about 40 miles away in Bellflower. He said he enjoyed the services and will Lord willing go back next weekend when Elder Tommy Sarber, from Indiana, will also be there on business.

He has had many other adventures thus far as well. He said it is beautiful weather, wonderful sunsets, and lots to see. Saturday he went to the beach and to Hollywood. He even got to hold an Oscar!! All in all he is having a good time. Unfortunately, he doesn't have internet access at the hotel, so he'll have to write about it when he gets back...after the wedding of course. 13 days and counting!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Pleasant Grove Wedding Shower

Last Saturday our dear friends at Pleasant Grove threw a beautiful shower. The tables were set with lace cloths, with a little blue shining through with yellow plates and napkins. It was beautiful. Sister Earlene Wagner made two delicious cakes as well.

My mouth is watering just looking at it!

Who is this beautiful bride? Perhaps I will reveal the face in a later post.

Again, we were blessed abundantly with many gifts. There are two I would like to comment on though...One was a handmade quilt made by two of the sisters in the church, Heather and Sierra Coleman. It was gorgeous! It is embroidered with our name and wedding date as well. The other was a cake decorating set with all types of flavorings and colorings for icing. Along with the gift was an invitation from Sister Earlene for a cake decorating lesson. It will probably have to wait until summer, but I'm anxious to try making a cake.

Brother Amil and Brother Eldon, both deacons at Pleasant Grove. Not shocking that they are not only Brothers in Christ but earthly brothers as well. Pretty obvious resemblance.

It was several hours filled with fellowship and love. We had a wonderful time, and thank those at Pleasant Grove for their thoughtfulness and support.

Monday, February 12, 2007

1644.67 Miles away...

George left this morning for his training in California. Lord willing he will return on March 2nd, the day before the wedding. I would be fibbing if I said this morning wasn't tough for both of us. We greatly desire your prayers as we got through the last stretch right before the wedding and as we are so far apart.

I've been able to speak to him a few times. He has arrived at the hotel, and was very hungry and trying to find a place to eat. Four employees share a car during the training trip, and they can't pick them up until tomorrow so he had to find a place to eat that he could get to on foot. Last we talked he was heading over to a mall across the street, which hopefully has a McDonalds.

I hope to do another post later tonight...but I just wanted to thank everyone for the thoughts and prayers over the last few weeks. We really appreciate them.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Wedding sneak peak! #2

I'm trying to make up for my lack of posting lately by doing three in one day!!

As of tomorrow we are down to 26 days and counting until the big "I DO!"

Here is the latest completed stuff from the still lengthy to do list...
  • All wedding "stuff" in Overland Park has been transported to my parents
  • George's ring has been ordered
  • Music has been selected for the ceremony
  • Menu has been decided for the reception
  • Honeymoon is booked
  • Tuxedos have been chosen and ordered

Here's a photo sneak peak of Caitlin trying on her dress after the alterations. She was so excited she couldn't keep her head up, she just kept looking down admiring herself in the dress. The other day she asked Sarah, "When is the wedding?"
Sarah said, "in 30 days"
"Did they move it back?" she replied
Confused Sarah said, "no."
"But last time it was six" she explained
Sarah said, "Oh! Last time it was six weeks!"
Caitlin, "Oh...I thought they moved it"

New Liberty Shower

Last Sunday we were blessed to attend New Liberty PBC, where my dad pastors. We had sweet services in the morning, then lunch, and they had planned a wedding shower for us in the afternoon. We were blessed abundantly!! It was wonderful to see so many friends we hadn't seen in quite sometime. We were also able to see the church renovations completed as well. It looks beautiful!! George's sister made the trip down as well, which was the first time she has met my family. I was thankful most of the kids were on their best behavior. ;)

My sister decided since many of the people at the shower know me much better than George that they should get to know George as well. Unfortunately, this was done by quizzing me. Here we are on one of the questions...that's my thinking/puzzled face. I hate to say it but I didn't do all that great on the quiz...too much pressure!
Several from Rocky Fork PBC came over to join us. It had been awhile since we had seen some of them, it was great to be able to visit with them.
We had a wonderful time and are so thankful for everyone's love and support in starting our new home together.

So much to little time

I'd be fibbing if I said I haven't been pretty busy and stressed lately. Despite getting married in less than a month, we also have been trying to get boxes unpacked in the apartment, travel back and forth to Columbia as needed, finish up last minute wedding stuff, and we both have a lot going on at work now as well. Here are a few pictures from the events from the last few weeks.

The last few months the majority of my belongings have been in a storage unit. To prevent having to pay an additional month on it, we decided to try to get everything moved out of it. So George and I rented a U-Haul at 6:30 at night and took it the the facility and in the 23 degree weather began loading it up. About an hour later we had the 14 foot U-Haul filled. Just before we were finished Ben was able to come to help with a few things that were pretty heavy. By now it was nearly 8:00 and we decided to get as much of it unloaded that same night. By 9:30 everything had been carried to our 2nd floor apartment and needless to say after having already worked a full day, we were all exhausted. We were able to muster up some smiles, just thankful to have it all done.
Ben wanted to make sure he got into the picture as well. I don't think George and I could have done it all in one night by ourselves. We continue to be thankful for all the help Ben and Julie give us. These two pictures are in our living room in front of our fireplace. As things get decorated and unpacked I'll try to get some more photos up.