Monday, December 29, 2008

Anderson family Christmas.

Now that many of my siblings are grown and have children of their own, we get together as a family on a day other than Christmas. This year, it happened to be Saturday the 20th. This was our final trip away from the metro area before the baby's arrival. Christmas with the Yorks will be different this year. They live a bit too far to consider traveling this late in the pregnancy. George's sister will be here later this afternoon, and his parents are planning on coming mid January.

We enjoyed the family gathering and were able to spend Friday night through Sunday afternoon at my parents. It is always a blessing when we can all go to church together where my dad pastors and where we all spent many years growing up. Christmas has been so much fun in recent years with more and more children being added to the family.

Hannah was very excited about her Fancy Nancy books from us.
She immediately brought them to us to read to her. It was very special.
Then she wanted Emma to read it to her.
Daniel...smiling as usual. He was very excited about a new movie he received.

Each year...until you have mother gives an ornament for your Christmas tree. She is always so thoughtful, making the ornament relate to the events of the year-This year...we received a recognize the first Christmas in our new home.

We can't remember why Hannah had such a pouty face, I think she was faking. It makes for a cute picture though.

Mom has a tower of stacking/nesting Christmas boxes. I think Abby could have played with them for hours.
All the nieces. Caitlin will be 8 next week. Emma is 5. Hannah is 2 1/2. Abby is 14 months old.
Caitlin. She is growing up so fast.
Daniel and Emma.

All in all a good time was had by all. Lots of family fun and festivities. Such a blessing!

Christmas day was just the two of us at home. Rather than buying each other gifts this year, we purchased a new camera last week that we had been eying for several months. I hope to have better quality blog pictures in the coming posts. We did fill a stocking for each other, and one for Baby York. It was fun to see what each other picked out for her. We then had a nice lunch, followed by an afternoon of puzzles and relaxation. George is home for two weeks, as am I...we are now working on our 3rd puzzle. It has been fun to sit together and work on the puzzles together as we talk to and of course...tease each other a bit too.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My mother says I'm spoiled...

...I think she is right. Yet another thing my husband does to make things easier for me. It is cold outside...and I mean cold! 14 degrees...with 7 degree windchill. George went out to shovel the drive, but started by shoveling me a path so I would be able to take a picture of the front door. What a good man!!
(pardon the half of a house picture...I was trying to avoid getting the open garage door in the picture.)

Christmas Decor

Kimba over at A Soft Place to Land is hosting a Christmas Open House. Since many family and friends, including our parents, will not be able to see our house this Christmas season, I decided to take a few pictures of our holiday decor to share and join party!

Since we have only lived in the house a few months now, and before that had such little space to decorate we, I mean I, had to be careful not to go crazy buying decor. We tried to use what we had, and things I had picked up at the end of the year last year on clearance after the holidays. We did purchase a few more garlands, and the Christmas tree. Other than that...I tried to be creative.
I fell in love with this wreath at Target right before Thanksgiving. Then after Thanksgiving, I saw it for 75% off. I couldn't pass it up. It was all green, and I added some red and gold berries to give it a bit of Christmas cheer.
Had I been feeling really adventurous, I might have went outside to take a picture of our front door, but it's just too cold. We have lighted garland wrapped around our columns and draped over our arched doorway. I love how it turned out. Perhaps I will find a little more to add to it for Christmas next year after the holidays are over.
Downstairs in the living room is where most of the decorating took place. Our tree practically hits the ceiling, but we found a great deal, and couldn't pass it up.
I had a few basic green garlands from year's past, and I wrapped them together and draped them over the mantel. Then added a red berry garland, followed by a few pine cones, and gold berries, and VOILA!! My first homemade garland! I was very excited how it turned out.

Garland is wrapped, twisted, and tied around our railings. I love how it turned out...but I don't think this picture quite shows it.
I had started with basic garland and added gold and red berry picks throughout the garland. Then for another touch of color and softness, small bows tied periodically.

Golden, wire Christmas trees I found last year on clearance for a ridiculously low price, as well as a beautiful, red, glass bowl.
I filled the bowl with ornaments, berries, and pine cones.

So there you have it! We have a few more things here and there around the house...but these are the highlights. Perhaps next year I'll have more to share.