Saturday, June 23, 2007

House Searching

I go through spurts of searching online for houses every few weeks. I have several other things on my list to blog about...but I thought I would start with sharing this weeks finds.

House #1 is a cottage-style home. The kitchen is dated, but we actually want a dated kitchen to be able to put own own stamp on our house, as well as add value for when it comes time to sell. The interior living space appears to be in good shape, with beautiful floors and fresh paint. The negatives of this home are it doesn't have a garage and is located on a busy street. We have not actually made an appointment to go look at these houses, but I would really like to if we have time this week. There are no pictures of the two bathrooms, so those may also need a little TLC.

House #2 is a quaint house...that is much larger than it appears. It would not only need an updated kitchen, but through out the house there is wood paneling and it appears very dark, but still has potential to make a beautiful home. We are not sure what area of the city it is in...but we may find time to drive by this weekend and check it out. This home is also missing a garage...but the blessing is...that it is significantly below our budget so we would be able to make some improvements. I just look at the front and think about how much fun it would be to landscape the front yard for some curb appeal.