Tuesday, July 28, 2009

DIY Project --wall decor

I am a big fan of Hobby Lobby. I could spend hours and hours in Hobby Lobby, not to mention thousands and thousands of dollars. But of course, money doesn't grow on trees, so every time I am in the store, I stroll down the home decor clearance aisle to see what is there. Sometimes things are damaged, and sometimes things are just ugly. Recently, there was an aisle of 90% off home decor items!! Yay! My eye was drawn to these...

Yes, I know, they are not exactly my taste or something I would pick out...but ideas started swarming around in my head: spray paint, decoupage, the possibilities were endless, and they were only $1.80 a piece, much cheaper than buying a canvas the same size and these were solid wood.

I decided to head to the scrapbook paper aisle with our half bathroom in mind...it has been begging for some decor since we moved in a year ago. I found some paper and headed home.

I placed the wall decor on the paper and traced it. Pretty simple! Then I cut it and used spray adhesive to adhere it to them. They looked like this...

Nice...but still lacking something. I looked for some cute shapes online, like silhouettes of a bathtub, or toilet or something...but just couldn't find anything that excited me. Then I remembered...TILES!! I had purchased numerous tiles at a tile store that was closing almost two years ago. I ran upstairs to dig them out.

PERFECT!! Added a little dimension and texture. At first I wasn't sure how i would get heavy tiles to stick...but good 'ole Velcro did the trick!

Here they are proudly on my bathroom wall.

Break down of the cost

$3.60 for the wall decor
$1.18ish for the scrapbook paper
$1.00 for both tiles

TOTAL $5.78 Not too shabby in my book!

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Thursday, July 16, 2009