Monday, February 12, 2007

1644.67 Miles away...

George left this morning for his training in California. Lord willing he will return on March 2nd, the day before the wedding. I would be fibbing if I said this morning wasn't tough for both of us. We greatly desire your prayers as we got through the last stretch right before the wedding and as we are so far apart.

I've been able to speak to him a few times. He has arrived at the hotel, and was very hungry and trying to find a place to eat. Four employees share a car during the training trip, and they can't pick them up until tomorrow so he had to find a place to eat that he could get to on foot. Last we talked he was heading over to a mall across the street, which hopefully has a McDonalds.

I hope to do another post later tonight...but I just wanted to thank everyone for the thoughts and prayers over the last few weeks. We really appreciate them.

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strem said...

Thinking of you both - very often!