Sunday, February 04, 2007

So much to little time

I'd be fibbing if I said I haven't been pretty busy and stressed lately. Despite getting married in less than a month, we also have been trying to get boxes unpacked in the apartment, travel back and forth to Columbia as needed, finish up last minute wedding stuff, and we both have a lot going on at work now as well. Here are a few pictures from the events from the last few weeks.

The last few months the majority of my belongings have been in a storage unit. To prevent having to pay an additional month on it, we decided to try to get everything moved out of it. So George and I rented a U-Haul at 6:30 at night and took it the the facility and in the 23 degree weather began loading it up. About an hour later we had the 14 foot U-Haul filled. Just before we were finished Ben was able to come to help with a few things that were pretty heavy. By now it was nearly 8:00 and we decided to get as much of it unloaded that same night. By 9:30 everything had been carried to our 2nd floor apartment and needless to say after having already worked a full day, we were all exhausted. We were able to muster up some smiles, just thankful to have it all done.
Ben wanted to make sure he got into the picture as well. I don't think George and I could have done it all in one night by ourselves. We continue to be thankful for all the help Ben and Julie give us. These two pictures are in our living room in front of our fireplace. As things get decorated and unpacked I'll try to get some more photos up.

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strem said...

Sorry it's been rough. I know how those fast moves can be, and I wish I could be there to help. (You're hilarious, Ben! Great pic!)