Sunday, February 18, 2007

Update on G

As you can imagine, I have talked to George numerous times since he left. I think just today we have called back and forth at least 5 times. Although he is without his own transportation, he was able to make it to church today. Through e-mail my parents were able to locate a church near him and George contacted the pastor, Elder Joe Holder. The pastor then put him in touch with a couple that live near his hotel who offered to pick him up. The church was about 40 miles away in Bellflower. He said he enjoyed the services and will Lord willing go back next weekend when Elder Tommy Sarber, from Indiana, will also be there on business.

He has had many other adventures thus far as well. He said it is beautiful weather, wonderful sunsets, and lots to see. Saturday he went to the beach and to Hollywood. He even got to hold an Oscar!! All in all he is having a good time. Unfortunately, he doesn't have internet access at the hotel, so he'll have to write about it when he gets back...after the wedding of course. 13 days and counting!


panjunan said...
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strem said...

I'm sure he wishes you were there so you both could enjoy the beautiful scenery together. Please tell him all of us said HI! So glad he was able to visit the church. I hope to go someday!