Sunday, February 04, 2007

Wedding sneak peak! #2

I'm trying to make up for my lack of posting lately by doing three in one day!!

As of tomorrow we are down to 26 days and counting until the big "I DO!"

Here is the latest completed stuff from the still lengthy to do list...
  • All wedding "stuff" in Overland Park has been transported to my parents
  • George's ring has been ordered
  • Music has been selected for the ceremony
  • Menu has been decided for the reception
  • Honeymoon is booked
  • Tuxedos have been chosen and ordered

Here's a photo sneak peak of Caitlin trying on her dress after the alterations. She was so excited she couldn't keep her head up, she just kept looking down admiring herself in the dress. The other day she asked Sarah, "When is the wedding?"
Sarah said, "in 30 days"
"Did they move it back?" she replied
Confused Sarah said, "no."
"But last time it was six" she explained
Sarah said, "Oh! Last time it was six weeks!"
Caitlin, "Oh...I thought they moved it"

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strem said...

Glad things are going along so well. Caitlin looks wonderful in that beautiful blue. Can't wait to see everyone together!