Monday, August 13, 2007

CVS...My new freind!

note: you may want to scroll down and read the post below this, prior to reading this one.

Okay, many of you know I am a former Walgreens' employee, and I still love Walgreens, but I have recently discovered the benefits of CVS Pharmacy. They have a special savings program that you can take part in by signing up for one of their Extra Care Cards. The past two weeks I have been blessed to find some great deals.

First, for those of you that don't know the program, let me explain a few basics. Each week CVS highlights a few items in their ad that you can receive "extra bucks" on when you purchase them with your card (the card is free). The card is simply one of those little tags you can put on your key chain that provides additional savings, it is NOT a credit card. The extra bucks print out at the bottom of your receipt at the end of your purchase and you can use them as cash for your next purchase. For instance, you may buy Colgate toothpaste for $2.99 and receive $2.00 in extra bucks for the next purchase...meaning you spent .99 cents for toothpaste. A greater benefit comes when you add coupons to the deal. Take the same deal, and add a .75 cent coupon, your toothpaste is now .24 cents! Studying your add and coupons closely sometimes you can even make a profit. Granted they won't open the cash register and return money to you, but as long as you end up paying something it is completely legal!

Hopefully thus far I am making some sense....Let me attempt to explain the last two weeks to you.

Two weeks ago CVS had a sale, when you buy $20.00 of Kraft or Post products you get $20 of extra bucks back for your next purchase! Amazing, isn't it? Well, even better, I had five $1.00 off 2 boxes of Post cereal coupons.

Cereal was 2 boxes/$4.00
I needed $20 worth (before coupons) for the deal = 10 boxes
Plus my five coupons, subtract $5.00

So...I spent $15.00 plus tax and received a coupon for $20.00 in the store on my next purchase. I made approximately $5.00 on the purchase. For those of you wondering what would 2 people do with 10 boxes of cereal? We will eat it :) Plus we gave mom a couple of boxes.

Okay, now to this week. I purchased the items pictured a newspaper which isn't pictured. I spent $5.00 and some change out of pocket. Prior to my coupons and using my $20.00 extra bucks from last week, the total was about $38.00. Even better I walked out with $18.50 of extra bucks to use in future weeks.

To try to break it down...the Colgate was deal I explained above, I did it twice.

Advil PM, on sale for $2.99, then $2.99 extra bucks, plus I had $2.00 coupon (money maker)

Tylenol, on sale $4.99, then $2.50 extra bucks, plus $1.00 coupon

Venus Breeze razor, on sale $8.99, then $5.00 extra bucks, plus $2.00 coupon

Caress Body wash, on sale $3.99, then $2.00 extra bucks, plus $.70 coupon

Newspaper for additional coupons $1.35

Trash bags, not on sale, no extra bucks...we just needed trash bags, and needed to spend at least $20.00 to use our extra bucks. George was shocked I wasn't using a coupon. :)

I hope and pray some of this has made sense. I have been doing this for the last few weeks and we have an abundance of shampoo and conditioner (about 9 bottles of each), razors, soap, and toothpaste. While we are thankful to have stocked up on items, we are also hoping to donate some of what we have collected to needy families at my school, and as we come across people who could benefit from our surplus in the community.

I encourage you to scope out CVS and see if you can benefit as we have from this program. Walgreens and other stores have similar programs that have also been a great source for saving money. Perhaps in the future I will be able to share a little on their programs as well.


Chris said...

Wow, that is totally AMAZING! Ok, I am energized now, is CVS open 24 hours? :-)

Liz said...


Some CVS are open 24 hours, but if I remember right the one by you is not. The bad thing about if you want to use the items can't be too brand specific. We are not picky with shampoo, deodorant, toothpaste, it makes it even easier to save money. I'll e-mail you in the next few days to give you a few other tips. We have company right now, so I'll write more later.

lydia said...

That is awesome! I love hearing about your savings. It makes me so excited.

I'm currently enrolled in Crystal's "Supermarket Savings" course. I'm really excited to learn more about budgeting, saving money, and being a good steward with the money the Lord has blessed me with.

Keep saving!

strem said...

This is fantastic, Liz. Maybe you should just start a blog with mini courses for me. It seems like a lot of time and energy to figure it out at first, but it seems worth it completely. I used CVS all of the time in Indy, and I loved using my card. One year, I got about 10 boxes of clearance holiday ornaments for $1.50 total - due to the sale and my "savings bucks" on my card. It was fabulous! Way to go!!!