Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Day of sadness...but also a day of savings!!

I recently was told about Dillons Grocery Store. It is also called Kroger and Gerbes, depending on the area you live in. They typically have decent sales, and double coupons up to $1.00 in value. Well, just three weeks after I discovered the closest Dillons, which is actually a newer store, they are closing. Julie, my sister-in-law, and I were quite disappointed by the news. When you live in the city you become quite spoiled with grocery stores and such on every corner. This particular Dillons was 7 miles away (which is considered a drive) while the other two nearby ones are 10 miles or more away. The savings are worth the drive though.

The good news is when a store closes, they try to get everything sold! The entire store (with a few exceptions like baby formula, alcohol, and tabacco--which we don't need/want anyway) was 33% off. Frozen foods, dairy, and meat were 50% off. you may have guessed, I was there as soon as possible with my coupon binder in hand.

I aimed for the items that were 50% off then tried to match the coupons I had. We have been trying to do less "convenience" foods or already prepared foods, but that thought went out the window for the time being. Just as a bit of a disclaimer, before I share some specific deals, I want to make it clear that this is not typically the items I buy when grocery shopping--but also for anyone who knows my husband, will know he may be quite excited about some of the purchases. And, I will admit, as I go back to work over the next few weeks, I am sure I will be thankful to have some easy (although not healthy) dinners on hand.

Totinos pizza rolls- 40 count $1.00 per bag
Light butter sticks- 4 sticks $.31 per box
Lean Pockets 2 count-$1.00 per box
Snickers Ice Cream Bars (6 count) $1.00 per box
Red Baron single serving pizza (2 count) $.75 per box
Huggies size 4 diapers (120 count) $19.00 No, not for the request of Julie.

Of course since freezer items were so cheap, I stocked up. I barely was able to get it all in the freezer. When we open the freezer for the next few weeks we are going to have to be prepared to catch anything that may jump out. :)

I am resisting the desire to go back and get more from the dairy section. It was difficult to shop, compare items, look at coupons, and think clearly all at the same time. But I am so thankful for what I was able to purchase at such a discount.


strem said...

I laughed out loud when reading the part about George. So funny! The more I read, the more I realize I really do need a lesson from you. Congrats on the great shopping!

lydia said...

Packing all those groceries in the freezer must have taken a lot of skill and time. Once again, great deals!

Other Mother said...

What is it about Snickers Ice Cream bars (6/$1.00) that make them sound so much better than Lean Pockets (2/$1.00)?

Congrats on your savings. :-)

Liz said...

Unfortunately, I didn't have any Lean Pocket coupons...but my husband requested something different in his lunch, so I "splurged". Actually, come to think of it...he might be happy with a lunch of Ice Cream Snickers Bars. His response when he opened the freezer, "Oh YEAH!!!"

Other Mother said...

Teenager saw your freezer picture today, and said, "Did you see that?" - She loves pizza pockets!