Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Student funny

One of the activities I do with speech students involves filling in the blank or answering a question with a word that uses the target sound they are working on.

For example, working on "L" today;

"You can listen to a radio, but you can watch a ________"

"TV," my student replied.

"Yes," I said, but wanting to get the target sound, I clarified, "What is the longer name for it?"

"Television" he said.

"Great! What is something we dial and talk into?" I asked

"A phone."

"That's right again, but can you think of the longer name?"

Frustrated and aggravated he replied, "Ccccccceeeeeeeelllllllll phone."


Anonymous said...

I agree I am getting a real kick out of your kid comments. But I'm feeling for your students ... way to frustrate them. Soon they'll need another type of therapy to recover from this therapy. (haha!) - Joann

strem said...

I laughed out loud. A sign of the times, I guess. :)