Thursday, August 02, 2007

Corn coming out my EARS!!

During lunch at church on Sunday some ladies were talking about wonderful corn on the cob they had found from someone who lives on a major highway near where I grew up. I just happened to be in the area yesterday and I stalked up on corn. I had only made fresh corn on the cob once this summer, so I decided to get more than we really needed. I worried that if I didn't do something quick with it, it would gather cob webs. I decided to get it cooked, off the cob, and into freezer bags. It took a little bit of time because I only have one pot the right size, but eventually I got it all done. (Special thank you to George for continually sharpening the knives for me, and eventually taking over the cutting.)

All the cooked corn...there were about 5 more ears, but we ate them last night and tonight for dinner.
One plateful ready to be bagged.
Seven bags, two servings each, to be used at our cornvenience.

Is this post corny or what?


Other Mother said...

SHUCKS! HOMINY did you eat??

Chris said...

Sis. Karen - your comment gave me a wonderful laugh!

Now Liz - you'll have to bring some corn with you when you come next month!

Also, thanks for giving Lydia the recipe for my favorite cookies, boy are they good! She learned well. Only problem is it will compromise my new teeth! :-)

carrie said...

Cute post, Liz. Sweet corn is readily available here, too, and we've been eating a ton of it!

strem said...

Chris is right. I laughed at other mother's comment until I was about ready to pop. (OK, there's only a kernel of truth in that... but I did think both your post and her comment were a-maize-ing!)

Liz said...

Yes, I realize mom's comment was pretty funny...I got a husky laugh out of it myself.

lydia said...

That's a lot of corn!