Monday, July 23, 2007

Caitlin's visit

Last week Caitlin was here visiting. She stayed for 5 nights. During the day Caitlin and I filled our time with swimming, baking, computer games, shopping, etc. At night we would wait for George to come home and have dinner and spend the evening together either hanging out by the pool or some other adventure we had planned.

A few noteworthy things...Tuesday Caitlin and I baked cookies in the morning, then delivered them to her dad, Uncle George, and Uncle Ben and Aunt Julie. When I handed her the mixer she said, "This is my favorite part!" I thought she was excited about using the mixer by herself, come to find out...she just wanted to lick the beaters.

Caitlin loves dinosaurs, which is quite surprising considering how "girly" she is. So as our very special thing of the week we went to T-Rex Cafe for dinner Tuesday evening. For those of you who know Rainforest Cafe...imagine that, with dinosaurs instead. In addition to their huge moving dinosaurs, skeletons, live fish, and gift shop, they also had an area where children could dig up dinosaur bones. Each child received a small paintbrush to gently brush away the sand from the bones. Unfortunately the camera was left at home so we didn't get any pictures of the adventure. Caitlin loved every minute of it. She repeatedly showed her appreciation as she hugged us saying, "I love you, I love you".

Wednesday Aunt Julie and Cousin Hannah joined us for a trip to the Kansas City Zoo. It was not exactly the best idea on my part. I had never been to the KC zoo and didn't realize how spread out it was. It was an incredibly hot day to say the least and there was very little shade. Once we found some shade we stopped awhile to drink and cool off. As we sat there Hannah became sick with a rash of some sort and we decided it was best to just go home. Thankfully we were all agreed, even Caitlin, "Aunt E," she said, "It's hot, maybe if it cools off this afternoon we can go swimming." She ended up spending the afternoon swimming and playing with her daddy at Uncle Ben's house.
Caitlin was able to feed the goats right after we arrived at the zoo...she thought it was pretty cool.

All in all, we had a great time. I had been a little worried about how she would sleep at night and if she would get homesick, but as she told her mom, "Only once I missed you berry bad" Sometime next month little sister, Emma is going to stay for a visit as well...I think we might only do a couple of days for that visit. :)


strem said...

I always liked licking the beaters too. (Still do!) She looks so sweet with her apron on, and I know she'll remember these visits for many years. Special times with aunts and uncles are priceless!

lydia said...

It looks and sounds like you had a wonderful visit! I like licking the spatula and the bowl a lot more than the beaters. When I lick the beaters I tend to get cookie dough all over my face. :)