Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Day Four: Monday-Part I

On Monday morning we woke up early to join Uncle Dickie and Aunt Charlotte for breakfast with gramps and Aunt Margie at Beckett Meadows. Then we headed south to San Antonio to see some sights down there. After stopping briefly at an outlet mall, we arrived just in time for lunch. We stopped in at a unique deli for a light lunch then began out walk around the riverwalk. We eventually decided to take one of the boat tours to find out more about the building and things we were seeing around us. Despite the silly tour guide, we really enjoyed the ride.

After the boat tour we went to visit the Alamo. I had been as a young child, but didn't remember much of the history. We did a quick tour of the barracks and then into the Alamo itself. It was a neat part of history to see.

After the Alamo, we headed to a local mall to cool off and find a place to sit and rest awhile.

A mama duck and her ducklings. They looked so soft and cuddly.
A nice gentleman visiting from Arizona took our picture in front of the river.
We got great seats on the boat...the very front of the boat!
A view from the boat.
Another view from the boat...very neat architecture.

George outside of the Alamo

The front of the Alamo
A long semi-covered walkway that was very pretty.

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strem said...

Your trip sounds so wonderful. I cannot wait for our family vacation at the end of this month. But, sometime I hope to go see some of these sites. Hope you are doing well this week!!!