Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Happy Belated Birthday Hannah!

I failed to post my usual "Happy Birthday" message last Friday to Hannah. She is the big 1!!! Saturday we went to her Luau party. It was a great time despite her being a little sick. It's always fun to get together with the family. We have had a lot of fun living so close and getting to be so involved in watching her grow up and spend so much time with them. It has truly been a blessing. Julie wrote a little more about it and has more pictures on Count Your Blessings, their blog.

I am disappointed we didn't take more pictures...but these are a few of what we did get.

Hannah playing in the "hot tub". The kids decided that was the hot tub because the water was warmer than the big pool.Those kabobs were really good. G did a great job grilling!
We were even treated with frozen strawberry lemonade drinks!! They were super sweet!

She managed to get icing just about everywhere, arms, legs, belly, etc. She clearly had no hesitation about digging in.


Overwhelmed! said...

What cute pictures! Happy Birthday Hannah!

Thanks for entering my free earring giveaway. Check back this Friday when I announce the lucky winner!

Michelle said...

thanks for entering my contest!

Happy belated birthday - she's a cutie!

strem said...

Fun fun party. Wish I would have known ahead so I could loan you my grass skirt! :) What a wonderful life it would be if grownups were allowed to eat cake like that. It's just not as fun with a fork!