Friday, July 13, 2007

Day Four: Monday-Part II

For dinner we had arranged to meet Joseph and Rachel Weyel to catch up with them. They met us in the downtown area and then treated us to a wonderful dinner overlooking San Antonio. We had dinner at the 740 foot tall Tower of the Americas' Restaurant, Eyes Over Texas. It is a revolving restaurant that makes a full circle every hour providing a full view of the city. It was kind of an odd feeling at first; we'd get caught up in conversation, then look out and have an entire new view of the city. We had a great visit, and enjoyed catching up.

Eventually, it was time to say goodbye and head back to Austin. When we arrived back in Austin it was just at 11pm, but we wanted to take the opportunity to visit Mark and Emily Huffman. Emily is my cousin, and they had been out of town all weekend. We went over their home until the early hours of the morning and had a nice visit. We felt a little guilty keeping Mark up so late since had to work early in the morning, but we were thankful to get to see them.

The view from our table.

Our group.

The view from the observation deck -- it was really windy up there!
As we left I took a quick picture of the tower.

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