Monday, March 03, 2008

Happy Anniversary Sweetheart!!

A year ago today... I married my best friend. Happy Anniversary dear---I look forward to all the years to come. I know it is said it only gets better, I just don't know how it can. I love you!!


Other Mother said...

Happy Anniversary to you both!! We love you, and are so happy for you.

strem said...

Thought of you on Monday, so I'm sorry I couldn't check the blog earlier. Congratulations on the one year anniversary. We miss both of you very much!

Chris Crouse said...

George & Liz,

First: Thank you for the sweet card and books you sent over to Lydia and me.

Second: Happy Anniversary!

Third: Sorry that I missed it - I know, it's a guy sorta thing to do, so hopefully you'll forgive me since I happen to be one! :)

Fourth: I'm looking forward to seeing you both soon.

Fifth: I'm praying for God's continued blessings and providences toward you for another year, and another, and many more beyond!

Dani said...

Hope it was a most special and blessed day.

Jilley said...

Happy Anniversary!!!!

Webcam said...
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