Friday, March 21, 2008

Florida--Day 4...time to go home

Admittedly, when vacations are over, I am typically ready to get home, or even worse, passed ready to get home. This vacation--I wanted to stay...I could have spent another week there. Dan had to work on our last day there, so it was just the girls and George. Kerry has fallen in love with a small town, about an hour from them called New Smyrna Beach. So for our final day in Florida, we headed up to New Smyrna. I think this was my favorite day there. It was such a neat town; lots of amazing homes, both old and new, cute shops, good food, and beautiful shore.

We parked the car and started walking a beautiful wood pathway. Periodically in the path there were lookout towers where you could enjoy the scenery. As we walked we could see lots of plants, trees, and a few animals too. At the end of the path we ended at a fresh water river.

We began to walk up the shore of the river, stopping periodically to dip our feet in, or take a picture. Then we came to the point that the river flowed the ocean. It was neat to see how the color and flow of the water changed as it flowed into the more rough and rocky ocean. There was a large group of men and women (most men of course) fishing on top of a mound rocks into the river/ocean. It was quite picturesque. We took our time, sat on the rocks, enjoyed the sunshine, watch the people, etc.

As our stomachs began to rumble, we decided we should head back. Rather than taking the shortcut back to the car, we walked our same route up the ocean shore, then up the river. After all, we never really got bored with the water. How could you? As we walked and talked, George said, " over there!!" I didn't see anything...then all the sudden three fins, and backs popped up just 20 feet from where we were, then another two, a little further away, moments later. Dolphins! It was a wonderful way to say goodbye to the beach.

First picture of dolphin fin, but you have to look closely. This was one the dolphins that was much further away from us than the larger group.

Edited photo, enlarged to show dolphin. Of course it doesn't do it justice.

For lunch we decided to hit a local fish place, JB's Fish Camp. It was a place on the river, that had outdoor seating and just a very casual, no glam-type of atmosphere...perfect for having just spent the morning on the beach. Although neither George or I eat fish often, I do enjoy fresh fish on the coast, it always tastes better! I encouraged him try something fishy, and with reluctance he did...The food was fabulous, even George thought so. We even indulged in some key lime pie!

Our last stop before the airport was to wander through downtown to look at a few of the local shops. A crowd favorite was Mosquito Mud Pottery. It was the first shop we stopped in, and although it was small, we hurried through it, and decided to duck back in on the way back to the car. Like Kerry said, "you know it is a good shop when you see things you didn't see the first time when you go back through." It was full of handmade tiles, pottery, and although not seen on their website, jewelry. I could have spent a fortune buying the beautiful locally made jewelry. It was all very unique and colorful.

To conclude this journal of our trip, although it still isn't the same as being there, here are two brief video clips of New Smyrna Beach. The first clip is when we were still walking up toward the rock line, and mostly still on the river shore. The second clip is taken from standing on top of the rocks, panning the ocean, over the river and back. As you can tell by the was a very windy day.


Kelly Spezzano said...

being around beaches my whole life, I often overlook the beauty that you camera seemed to capture. You had such beautiful blue skies! Thanks for reminding me what I take for granted way too ofte (the beauty in God's creation)

strem said...

That day sounds so relaxing and beautiful. Every time I'm in Florida and on the beach, I don't want to leave. So glad you had such a nice trip.