Sunday, March 23, 2008

Their big surprise!

As I've mentioned before, a childhood memory of mine living in Kansas City was Kaleidoscope. A part of Hallmark that encourages children to create, experiment, and play with all sorts of fun crafty things. Mom would take us with our friends and it was the time our lives! I wasn't sure due to the popular week for spring break if we would be able to get in, but thankfully we were. I didn't tell the girls much about it...except how much fun it would be. Typically, children, ages 5-12, go into Kaleidoscope independently, while parents watch through a one way mirror. This week was special because it was all family sessions, meaning kids of all ages were welcome and their parents (or Aunt) were allowed to attend with them. Just after entering each child is given a bag to put their name on and carry all their projects in. Below is a brief photo journal of just some of what the girls were able to do...

Outside Kaleidoscope, waiting in line...don't they think they're cute?

Here is Emma at a coloring station with stickers.

Emma at a painting station. Next to the painting area was a machine that would quickly dry the girls artwork so they could add it to their bags.

Caitlin is dabbling in Emma's paint because hers was quite yucky.
Artists are very serious about their work.
Doesn't it look like a fun place?

Here Caitlin draws a on small cardboard, that would be later turned into a personalized puzzle.

This area of Kaleidoscope is dark with black lights.

Caitlin was standing in front of a machine...and honestly, I'm not quite sure what the purpose of it was...but they liked it.
This was my favorite area. Art created with melted crayon wax...but of course in the dark room with black lights it looked much cooler than in the picture.
Emma showing off her mask creation.

Not bad for 40 minutes of free fun! The girls loved every minute of it!!

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Other Mother said...

Yes, fun memories! Whenever we'd have out of town guests, we'd make the trek "into the city" to the Hallmark Visitor's Center, Kaleidoscope, and take a ride up the glass-window-over-the-city elevators in the Weston Hotel. Now you can even have lunch in Crown Center and have your burger delivered to you by the train above your head, too, and have a complete day of fun for the kids.