Tuesday, December 11, 2007


I haven't done a real post of what we've been up to since before Thanksgiving. So, since I have a few minutes I'll try to catch up.

For Thanksgiving George and I headed up to his parents house on Wednesday evening. We were driving through Springfield, IL around midnight so we stopped to hit up the CVS Thanksgiving 3 day sale. We arrived at his parents a little after 1am then got up early Thursday morning to head to Indiana to be with his dad's side of the family. Aunt Marge and Cousin Kathy hosted the annual event as usual. Of course we ate too much, but we had a good time. Aunt Marge has recently retired...oops, I mean "quit", so she has been working on a few projects around the house and sewing projects. She let me pick out two beautiful quilted pot holders to take home.

The group socializing after the Thanksgiving meal. We ate so much we couldn't even get up from the table.
The pot holders Aunt Marge made. Kathy also gave me a wonderful scrubber. if I remember right she said she picks them up occasionally at crafts shows or something like that. It works wonders, not to mention is safe for all dishes. Thanks again to both of you!!

The first weekend of every month we head to Kirksville for George to fill an appointment at Hazelcreek Primitive Baptist Church. On our way up this month we stopped by Mom and Dad's to visit the evening before.

This last weekend we had several things planned, but everything managed to get canceled due to the weather. My work Christmas party was one of them, but I had just finished making a new treat to take, Southern Sour Cream Pralines, from Martha Stewart Living Magazine. They didn't harden quite like they should have, but they were sure delicious. George loved them too!

One of two trays of pralines. Some how we managed to eat both trays in two days...we did share with Ben and Julie though.
A close up...I will definitely have to make this recipe again. I just wish nuts weren't so expensive!

Really, like I said, nothing too exciting. Our Financial Peace University class has ended..so we have reclaimed our Tuesday nights. It is amazing what a difference it makes having one more night at home. Not much coming up too exciting for the holidays, just making the rounds to the families. I'll sure there will be more posts on the holidays to come.


WWG said...
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strem said...

Those pralines look DELICIOUS! Way to go! And, of course, I LOVE those potholders. I think Aunt Marge could teach me a lot.

I know what you mean about the free evenings. With the hotel situation, I've had one free night about every three weeks. Nobody has to guess how crazy my house is right now. But, things should change soon. More on that later. I miss you two!