Monday, December 31, 2007

JCPenny's deal

While George was out working on Friday I piddled around some stores near the hotel. Several clearance Christmas items caught my eye, but I wanted to talk the purchases over with George. He gave me a thumbs up for the next day and the deals ended up being even greater. There was an additional 20% off clearanced merchandise and $10.00 off a $50.00 purchase.

Prior to sale prices I would have spent over $175, but walked alway just spending $45.00.

This platter, which will match perfectly with our china, was originally priced 39.99, and we paid $9.00 for it!
The back side of the platter has a matte-like finish on it.
This is the picture of the entire purchase. 3 Christmas tree centerpieces (orig. $49.99), 3 cute Christmas mugs, perfect for filling with candy and giving as small gifts (orig. $12.00 each), one gold ornament (orig. $7ish?), large red platter, and large red bowl (orig. $39.99 each).

I was thankful to get such wonderful deals, and add to our Christmas decorations for next year.


strem said...

Just gorgeous! Especially the bowl and platter. I'm afraid I missed the after-Christmas deals this year. But, if truth be told, I still have way too much stuff that I already own that needs to be given away. :) Beautiful. Can't wait to see it in person.

Lady Why said...

Wow!! Great deals!!