Tuesday, December 11, 2007

"Oh the weather outside is....?"

Just a few pictures of our surroundings the past week or so...although not nearly as good as mom's pictures, they had more ice than we did. Thankfully the temp stayed just above freezing so not too many people in our area are without power.

This is the snow from just about a week ago. This view is off our balcony.
This picture was last night. George was experimenting with the "night" feature on the camera.
Again last night as everything began to ice.
Right outside the apartment this morning.
Thankfully the roads weren't bad at all, so I ventured up to Ben and Julie's for a little bit on my snow day today. This was near their home. It was beautiful.
Again, outside the apartment.
Ben and Hannah ran across the street to get the mail all bundled in blankets...I don't think she was a fan of the cold and wetness.

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carrie said...


Thank you for your kind post. I've been seeing KC on the news in regards to the weather. Hope you're staying warm--and safe!