Saturday, December 22, 2007

The task of ironing.

Several years ago I loved ironing. I would turn on some music and iron for awhile and really enjoy it. I'm not sure what it was, the success of getting the wrinkles out of the shirts, or just calming, or what? Well, now that I am doing a lot more ironing, it just isn't quite as enjoyable. Let me rephrase that, it isn't that I don't enjoy it, it is more that I can never keep up with it. I'll get a few of George's shirts ironed with the thought I'll get around to the rest in the next couple of days, but instead laundry, or other things come up. While I know ironing is technically an aspect of laundry-I consider my laundry done, even when the ironing is not.

Shortly after George left for his work trip, I made it my goal to get the ironing done. This was one of my "projects". After Crystal hosted Making your Home a Haven, I knew this was something I needed to get done. Afterall, it kind of prevented our bedroom from feeling like a haven. As I fold laundry I toss things to be ironed over a chair. Embarrassing, I know.
The before picture of the ironing pile.

I was visiting with my aunt, who's husband travels a lot, and told her of my plan to get caught up on the ironing and she said she takes the opportunity to pray over her husband as she does the ironing and laundry. For example; praying for a strong back to carry the load, his arms for provisions and comfort, and his neck turning in only in the ways the Lord would direct. I just thought this was the perfect way I could do two things for my husband, iron his shirts and pray for him while he was gone. When it was all said and done I think I ironed 18 shirts and 2 skirts.


lydia said...

Wow, that was quite an ironing pile! I'm glad you were able to get it all accomplished and also spend the time praying for George as you worked. I like your aunt's idea and it seems like it would make ironing even more purposeful and exciting.

strem said...

I'm so behind in reading blogs and doing everything around my house... especially ironing. Thanks for your encouragement to get this completed. I imagine George has been blessed over and over and over because of your efforts. 18 shirts!!!