Saturday, December 15, 2007

I miss you sweetheart!!

As some may have heard, George was called out for the first time on storm duty. He is in Oklahoma. He left Thursday morning and is anticipated to be back a week from Sunday. I'm primarily posting this asking for friends and family to keep him in your prayers. The first day down there he worked 14 hours, the second, 12 hours. He is climbing on roofs, giving estimates for roof repair, tree removal, etc. I found some amazing pictures of the damage in the Tulsa area here. The beauty amid the storm in some of the pictures are just reminders of God's glorious creation. George has repeatedly described it as a "war zone". This is our first time away from each other since we were married.

Maybe in the coming days I will post some pictures of the projects I am doing to keep busy while he is away, but for now...Just please pray for him to have strength during the long hours and safety while he is out and about. Also, I am sure the Oklahoma residents who have been without power and have damage to their home would appreciate the prayers as well.


Chris Crouse said...

I am, and will be praying for you both!

By the way, hello to you too! Lydia said y'all talked yesterday and had a good catch-up, I'm sorry you and George have to be apart, but hope he'll be safe and the time passes quickly for you both.

May the Lord be with you,

strem said...

Have you heard any updates from George? I hope his work is going well and that they are able to wrap up the project earlier than anticipated. I'm praying for both of you!