Tuesday, May 29, 2007


I love "entertaining". So when we heard Isaac Corn and his girlfriend Krista were headed to Colorado last Thursday, we were so thankful they wanted to stop and see us on the way.Isaac was on his way to begin a summer internship, and Krista was along for the ride, then going to fly back home.

We had never met Krista before, but I especially enjoyed visiting with her. The four of us stayed up late visiting and catching up. We hadn't seen Isaac since the wedding, and most of that day is a blur, so it was nice to just be able to sit and catch up with him as well. We had to get up early to get to work, and they wanted to get an early start on the road--so the visit was short, but wonderful none the less.

We hope anyone who is driving through the Kansas City area feels free to call us at any time if they need a place to stay. Growing up in Missouri, my parent's house was often the stopping place for many travelers before they continued on the journey. Although the visits tend to be brief, it is always nice catching up with friends and family and sometimes even meeting new friends!

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strem said...

So glad you had such a nice time together.