Monday, May 21, 2007

Professional Wedding Photography

Many have asked about the professional wedding photography at our wedding. All of her work has been put onto a website to order from. Anyone who would like is able to go on this site and order directly and have the photos sent to you. Please don't feel like you need to order, but if you'd like to look at the pictures, please feel free.

It is easy to do...

Simply click the link, or type,
Type in "George York" for the event, and March 2007 for the event date.
You will be asked to set up an account, but that is just so you can order and look freely at our pictures.
We'd love to know what your favorites are!

If there are any problems please let us know.

1 comment:

lydia said...

There are so many I like. A few of my favorites are #36, #93, #213, and #347. Great pictures!