Thursday, May 03, 2007

Easter weekend

Although I realize Easter was several weeks ago...I wanted to write and share a few pictures from it.

Last minute, George was called in to fill in for my dad at New Liberty for Easter Sunday. So we went to Mike and Sarah's home for some fun with them on the Saturday before. After an indoor-pajama Easter egg hunt (due to the frigid temperatures outside), we put Caitlin and Emma to bed and had lengthy game of Phase 10. I won't say who won...but I walked away very happy. hint hint. None the less, I think a good time was had by all. We had wonderful services the next day, and enjoyed seeing everyone there.

I think her eyes say it all. Just a side, note, the "S" basket she is holding used to be Sarah's Easter basket from many many years ago. We each had one with our initial on it. Mom---Did grandma make these?

Caitlin shows off her loot...despite one arm being in a cast, she did quite well.


Other Mother said...

Grandma B. made 3, with S, B, and E on them. You must have been under 3, since D didn't have one. She may have made some for the cousins, too.

strem said...

I couldn't believe how cold it was for Easter this year, so many of the egg hunts in town were called off or moved into gymnasiums at the schools and churches. I'm jealous of the girls' treats, but I must admit I was able to receive a few pieces of candy from Abi's basket! YUM!