Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Memorial Day Weekend

Last weekend we headed to George's parents' house. We hadn't been there since Christmas time so it was definitely time to make a visit. The drive is just long enough it is too much to do in a regular weekend, but three-day weekends work perfectly! We arrived late Friday night and went straight to bed. Saturday we got up and visited some with Dad.

We had made arrangements to meet up with Henry, Jill, and their family, Sophia, Camille, Julie, and Marshall. George met them before there were any kids, and helped Henry on his farm. He worked for them for several years. He had lost touch with them until the wedding. We were so glad they made the long trip to celebrate with us...not to mention reconnect! Since George had last seen them they had two more children and had completed a major renovation on their home. We arrived at the Abel Home just after lunch time. And I was greeted by something I didn't expect to see on a farm in the middle of Illinois...A peacock!!!

I could hardly believe it! A pet peacock! Apparently it wandered from a peacock farm many years ago (when George was still working for them). His name is Bob. He wanders around the yard, sometimes with his feathers down, but when he was playing with the cat...he had to show his beauty.

Shortly after we arrived Henry and Jill gave us a tour of their new addition and renovations of their home. I had nothing to compare it to, but George said it was quite a bit different. It was very beautiful with wonderful decor.

After the tour and some casual chatting we decided to check out their go-carts. We rode for two hours or so. Henry had mowed paths around the sweet corn and in the terraces for riding. The girls took turns riding with us and showed us all the fun things around the farm.

Here I am in one of the go-carts. You can't see her, but Camille was beside me. She was a great help in pointing different things out, and helping me figure out if George was going to pass us.

Here is George and Julie. She only rode for a little bit due to a sensitive stomach, or maybe it was bad driving? :-)

Saturday evening we spent back in Athens. We watched a movie with the York clan and headed to bed. Sunday we were able to go visit Jimmy Zimmerman, George's best-friend's brother. He is battling cancer and I know the family would appreciate the prayers. When we went to the nursing home to visit we were also able to see some friends from Little Flock who had come up to visit as well. It was brief, but wonderful to see everyone.

As we left the nursing home we headed to the Zimmerman home to visit with The Jeff Zimmerman family and see Pop Zimmerman. Below is a picture of Pop Z holding his new granddaughter, Rian. It was the first time we had been able to see her. She was quite precious.

We spend Sunday evening out on the patio around the fire pit visiting and just enjoying the beautiful night. Monday morning George helped Dad with some projects and after lunch we had to head back home. We were welcomed in the Kansas City area with hard rain and storms, but before we got home we were blessed to see a fantastic rainbow (the pictures don't quite do it justice). I don't think I have ever seen a "full" rainbow, from end to end before. All in all it was a wonderful weekend full of friends, family, and fun.

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strem said...

Sorry that I missed the opportunity to see you when was up in MN. (Looking forward to this week, though.)

Bob cracks me up. Fascinating and beautiful! I love animals with names that I just don't expect. People used to say that when I named my rooster George. (I don't know why his name was George. Just was.)

Glad you were blessed with a safe trip and a good time with family and friends!