Monday, November 17, 2008

Babies Shower

Saturday we were blessed abundantly when our church ladies threw a baby shower for us. Another member, Nikki, and her husband, Matt are expecting a boy just 10 days before us...hence the a "babies" shower. The ladies at church made a great party for us, and it was greatly appreciated. The decorations and food was simply delightful.

Before the shower the family came over to our house for lunch and hanging out. The men stayed behind while the ladies headed off to church. Of course when we returned and questioned what they did while we were away we got the classic response of, "oh nothing". The most we could get from them was "watched tv, talked...nothing really". It was great fun having nearly every member of the family in our new home.

The table spread.
Nikki and her mom, Sybille

My family made the trip over from Columbia. Little girls in the front; nieces; Abby (being held by Julie), Caitlin, Emma, and Hannah. Back row, Julie, Lana (Julie's mom), Mom, Micha, and me.
A few of the church ladies; Pearl, Earlene, and Sharon
Nikki and I


Dani said...

Looks like you had a great time!

strem said...

Yes, a great day for celebrating! It's nice to see pictures of the Pleasant Grove ladies...and of your shower! Wish we were there!