Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Another Babies Shower...

We have certainly been blessed beyond belief this week. My coworkers hosted shower for me and another coworker, Avanti, on my team, due two weeks before me. We are both expecting girls, so it was full of pink and purple and all the girly stuff. It was great fun!!

Avanti and I
Our fellow special educators took care of the food. It was all delicious. I ate enough to even skip dinner!
A very yummy, not to mention adorable cake.
I was told we "had" to take this picture. It is one of the only profile shots of me we've taken.
Surrounded by generousity.
Just a few of my coworkers. All such wonderful people!
A new staff member in our building, Amanda. She is incredibly kind-hearted and sweet. She brought her children, which were just as sweet as she is.
More fabulous coworkers.
One of the charming outfits we were given. We actually received several "cupcake" outfits from different people. I guess people already know how sweet she will be.
A personalized gift from one grade level. The white onesie says "New York" and the other says, "100% girl", as well as a monogrammed burp cloth.
I was very excited about this sweater and dress set. It will be perfect for spring church clothes. The picture just doesn't do it justice.

Thank you to all for a great, great party!!!


strem said...

This is so wonderful! I'm glad you have such great co-workers. The outfits are adorable.

Dani said...

Girls clothes are always SO cute! BTW, have ya'll picked out a name for the new little one?