Monday, September 01, 2008

Dear Baby York...Letter #2

Dear Baby York,

You've been quite active this last week. Mommy is beginning to feel you fluttering around inside. Sometimes the feeling is so very slight, and sometimes it is stronger. Daddy hasn't been able to feel you yet, but with time, you'll get bigger and stronger, and Daddy will feel your movements too.

We had another doctor's appointment this week to check up on how you're growing. Unfortunately, Daddy couldn't make it with us this week, but he'll be able to come again next time. After a long wait in the waiting room, with mommy fighting off the afternoon nap she wanted so badly, we got to see the nurse. This month we couldn't get in to see the doctor, but Cindy checked you out instead. She was quite nice, and quite impressed with your cooperativeness. She checked mommy's blood pressure, weight, and tummy measurements, and all looked good. Then she began searching for your heartbeat with the special doppler machine. Mommy laid there, a little nervous, waiting to hear the precious sound again. Last month seemed like so long ago. Then, in just a few minutes Cindy found your heart beat on the machine. And even stayed still so we could listen for a long time. Just like last time, it was right at 143...then it jumped up and down a bit from 141-146. Cindy said it's good to have variety like that though. Mommy giggled at the sound of your heart, so anxious for your arrival, and with mommy's giggle, you moved, and we couldn't hear your heart beat anymore.

Our next appointment, on September 23rd, will be a very special one. We will get to see you via an ultrasound again...and this time...if you continue to be cooperative, we will find out if we will be blessed with a son, or blessed with a daughter. For a long time, mommy was sure you were a girl, now mommy isn't sure at all. Daddy still thinks you're a boy...but of course we will both be very excited either way.

We love you very much...and feel so very blessed by your presence in our lives.

Mommy and Daddy

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