Monday, July 21, 2008

Dear Baby York....

Dear Baby York,

Today mommy and daddy went for our second doctor's visit. You have been very busy growing the last 13 weeks. Today was the first day we were scheduled to hear your precious little heart beating. The doctor started searching for your heart beat, but she could not find it. Thankfully, she had warned us not to be concerned if this was the case. Because she couldn't find your heart beat, we were able to see you for the first time AND hear your little heart beating at a healthy 143 beats per minute. You wiggled all around so we could see you, the technician said you were quite active; we saw your back, head, and even your spine. You are just 8 cm long right now, but clearly, a beautiful growing baby.

Mommy and daddy were both amazed at the handiwork of God. He has been so good to us, and he is so powerful and gracious. It was a wonderful way to start a busy week ahead. Mommy wishes she could have captured daddy's face as he watch the screen intently watching your every move. You have already have him wrapped around your finger.

Even your cousin, Hannah, was excited to see you today. She was upset when I tried to put your first picture away, saying "Baby! Baby!"

At the end of September we will get to see you again, and we're sure it will be just as amazing. Perhaps then, if you'll cooperate, we can see if we will have a son or a daughter.

We love you very much!!
Love, Mommy and Daddy
Here you are facing down with your head on the right side of the picture, and body to the left. We only received one picture, but I can't stop looking at you.


lydia said...

How sweet! I'm thankful the appointment went well. Thank you for calling to tell me about it and for posting the picture for us to see. It's amazing!

Dani said...

Isn't it amazing. You got much clearer first pictures than I did. Of course they had me dated wrong to start with. :)

Jilley said...

How wonderful getting to see your little bean! Hmmm, heart rate of 143bpm.....I'm betting BOY! I am anxiously awaiting seeing baby belly photos over the next months!!