Sunday, September 28, 2008

Weekend Update and first house guests

This weekend the Fishing River Association was held at our church, hosted by another church in the association. We had a wonderful time seeing friends we hadn't seen in a year or more. It was great to catch up with friends and to share our pregnancy news with many of them. The meeting was held Thursday night through Sunday early afternoon.

On Thursday night we had the pleasure of having our first overnight guests in our home, Thomas and Elaine Bond. It was so great to have them in our home and be able to visit with them for the two nights they stayed. We hated to see them go, but hope to see them again soon!

Saturday was a sad day for George and I. We attended the morning service, ate lunch, but then it was time for George to leave again. We had 4 short days together after his 17 day trip. This time, he is to be gone 21 days in Houston. October 17th he is suppose to be home for 5 days, then away again, for another 21, do the math...we are getting close to Thanksgiving at that point. Today he called with the news, that he may have one more deployment after that, which puts us to the beginning of December. For now, it is quite overwhelming to think of all that time away, so I am just taking one trip at a time. Please continue to pray for him as he will be working very hard and long hours while he is away.

Today was the conclusion of the meeting and I took kid duty while Ben and Julie helped carry things to cars and clean up the fellowship and sanctuary area. Hannah and Abby are both at such fun ages. We played inside for awhile, but the weather was so nice we headed outside to play. Both girls love playing in the rocks and grass. It was a perfect day to get out the camera. Hannah is finally smiling for the camera instead of grabbing for it, but sometimes her smiles are a bit forced. Abby laughs so much these days. It make me giggle just thinking about it. She is so curious and expressive, and very photogenic.

Overall, the weekend was filled with wonderful fellowship, and fun!

The Bonds heading out on Saturday
Who knew a box of Eclipse mints could be so entertaining!
Brittney and Whitney, two of Hannah's favorite people at church.

Abby is figuring out how to uses a straw, unfortunately all the water doesn't usually get swallowed, as seen by the puddle around her.

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