Sunday, September 30, 2007

We "kneaded" bread...

We needed to buy bread this week, but since we had some "extra" time, I decided to try to make bread from scratch. Thankfully my wonderful husband helped me. We captured pictures through out the process. The recipe made five loaves.

We do not have a stand mixer, so we did it all by hand. After I started mixing it in the bowl, George took over for a bit.
Clearly it was a sticky mess at first, but I was anxious for the end results.
We divided it up into five portions and started kneading.
Next, they all went into the warm oven to rise. (There are two smaller pans hiding in the back.)
The rising nearly completed, it was time to turn the oven up and bake.
Here are three of the four loaves cooling on the rack.
In my opinion this loaf looked the best. We are already down to three loaves, we took one to church today and gave another one to Ben and Julie. Thankfully it turned out quite tasty and I think we'll be doing it again soon! Not to mention how great it is to have the aroma of fresh bread in your home.


jsarber said...

How'd it taste?

strem said...

Yes... that smell in the house. So wonderful! Your bread looks great, and I wish I could taste it. I made some bread too, and I'm trying to find a few recipes to turn to through the years. Maybe, after you test some, we can swap recipes and tips. I think I still need a lot of help.

Liz said...

WOW! It is always exciting to find out someone is reading the blog who you didn't realize was. Thanks for reading! According to G, the bread was okay for being wheat (he is trying to switch from white, but it is a process) and I thought it was some of the best bread I've ever had--but of course I'm not partial! Thanks again for reading!