Monday, September 10, 2007

Last Weekend

It is hard to believe that almost a year ago we moved to the Kansas City area. This weekend we were able to go back to Edwardsville for a visit. George was asked to fill in for Brother Chris who was going to be gone. We headed over Saturday morning and arrived late afternoon. The Zimmerman family had invited everyone from church over for some time for fellowship. Sunday morning we attended services at Little Flock. We had a wonderful time seeing old friends and being back around our old stomping ground.

Brotherly/Sisterly love as demonstrated by Isaac and Lydia.
Sister Wandena and Sister Michele visiting.Miss. Rian, who has doubled in size since we last saw her.
Big Sister Tressa, and Uncle George.

Middle Sister, Abi, doing her piggy imitation.

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strem said...

We miss you already. But, we are thankful we were able to share some time with you. Hope you have a great week!