Saturday, September 29, 2007

Does it balance out?

It's been over two weeks since a blog post. We have been busy, to say the least. We were fighting small colds two weeks ago, then last weekend was Fishing River Association, a weekend-long church meeting in the Kansas City area, and with Tuesday and Wednesday nights booked with Financial Peace University and Bible study, blogging time has been difficult to come up with.

This morning was the first Saturday we have been home since sometime in August. After sleeping late we decided to have brunch. Trying to be more health conscious, I made my first, from scratch, attempt at whole wheat waffles. G said they were a bit grainy for his liking but once he doctored them up with butter and syrup they were better. We had found some link sausage on a great sale so we added that to the meal, and of course, had to fry an egg in the sausage grease. Sounds health conscious, right? I'm hoping the whole wheat waffles and orange juice balanced out the eggs and sausage, but I doubt it. Oh well, maybe next time it will be a bit healthier.

This was G's plate. The blob on the right side of the plate is the didn't look pretty, but it tasted delicious!!

Trying to use up nearly expired milk, I doubled the batch and have a tower of waffles to freeze, then pop in the toaster in the future. It is much cheaper than buying the store bought frozen waffles, and healthier too (when not served with sausage and fried eggs)!


Other Mother said...

We had buckwheat pancakes for our brunch today. It must be fall!

strem said...

All of it looks delicious, and it is making me very hungry. Smart thinkin' about the waffles!