Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Trip to the Cornhusker state

Friday evening George and I jumped in the car for a quick trip to Cozad, Nebraska. We had promised several we would make a trip to see them since we lived so "close" now. Well, I still don't know that Overland Park, KS is "close" to Cozad, but it is closer than it was from Illinois. We arrived just before midnight, which made the nearly 400 mile trip last just about 6 hours.

We were blessed to stay with Elder Thomas Bond and his sweet wife Sister Elaine. Friday evening we visited briefly then headed to bed for the night. Saturday morning Sister Elaine made a wonderful Southern Breakfast; homemade biscuits, bacon, eggs, and all the fixin's. After breakfast we sat around the table visiting for quite awhile, then we headed over to Brother Howard and Sister Cynthia Halbgewach's home for fellowship and lunch. Brother Jesse Halbgewachs, David and Anna Taylor, and their daugther were there as well. Once again being well fed, we visited some more, and headed back into town to see David and Anna's home. I have known David most of my life and met Anna for the first time about six years ago. They were so sweet to welcome us to their home and have some time to visit with another young couple.

Saturday evening we went to Mt. Zion for services. As always, they were so welcoming and we were thankful to be there with them. The singing is always so beautiful there, both George and I really enjoyed it. After church the Bonds felt George needed to experience a true Nebraska original, The Runza!!! I have to him credit, he tried one and ate the whole thing! Granted, I'm not sure he'll ever order one again, but he said, "It was okay."

Sunday we attended services at a local nursing home followed by services at Mt. Zion. Thankfully, we didn't have to get on the road too quickly so we were able to enjoy some more fellowship with everyone at church, as well as a birthday party for Katherine (David and Anna's daughter) and Brother Harold Halbgewachs who was celebrating his 90th birthday. Brother Harold is also Katherine's great-grandfather. It was so sweet to see the generations standing there as we sang Happy Birthday.

As everyone began to head their separate ways Brother Thomas called for George and I to come over to the door. The church was standing in a circle and we were asked to stand "front and center". As we took our place the church began to sing "God Be With You Till We Meet Again." Standing in the midst of everyone it made me reflect back on the last day and a half and again was so thankful for the ability to make the trip.

We headed home shortly after 3 and made it in just before 10, just in time to start another work week. We had a wonderful trip to Cozad and were greatly blessed by the services at Mt. Zion. We encourage anyone who is ever traveling through or even near there, to stop by and visit. I know they would be happy to have you any time.

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strem said...

I am so glad you had such a good time. I hope to visit them in early 2007, if all works out as planned. All of your recap was touching - especially with the members singing to you. Thank you for continuing to share your adventures.