Saturday, December 16, 2006

He's so "Smert!"

I just wanted to write a quick note sharing some exciting news in the George's world.

As required by his job he has to take an Oklahoma licensing exam. Last week the first group took it and only 6 of 12 employees passed it. George was scheduled to take it yesterday morning, so he studied several hours each night this week, and I even quizzed him over practice tests.

Well, thankfully, yesterday he took the test and PASSED! When he took it only 6 of 11 passed it, so it must be a very difficult test. Anyway, just wanted to share the exciting news (and sigh of relief!)


strem said...

Hip hip hip hooray! (I thought you deserved an extra hip!)

lydia said...

Congratulations George! Did it feel like you were a college student again?