Thursday, December 28, 2006

Christmas for two

George and I decided to exchange gifts by ourselves before we ventured out to see our families for the holidays. So, last Thursday I made steak, potatoes, green beans, rolls, and dessert. I had to get creative with most of my stuff still in storage, but all in all I was happy with how the table turned out.

We had decided to just enjoy Ben and Julie's tree in their living room, but over Thanksgiving my mother gave us a new ornament which quickly changed our minds. In the basement, where George's room is located, is also a small kitchen, dining area, and living room. I had this tiny tree in storage, so we decided to try to be festive. Next year we hope to be able to get a real tree that is taller than 3 feet.

We had agreed to purchase small gifts and save the money for a larger combined purchase...a digital camera. We love it so far. In the next few days I will post pictures and brief summaries about our various trips over the holidays. We were definitely blessed to see many friends and family.

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strem said...

What a lovely tree - no matter how small it is! I imagine George loved the dinner, and your table looks wonderful. VERY festive!

(I'm so excited about your camera!)