Saturday, August 21, 2010

Charlotte 19 months & Jocelyn 2 months

The summer is coming to a close with kids back to school and me officially not working. My last paycheck comes next week, then without a doubt it will fully sink in that I am at home full time.

Jocelyn went to the doctor on Thursday for her two month well-visit. The doctor said everything looked good. Jocelyn has much more sensitive skin than Charlotte did. She has a lot of baby acne and "cradle cap" on her ears and starting on her scalp. I hope it all clears up soon, but I am glad those little things don't seem to bother her. She continues to be a happy baby and sleeps well. She has had several 10 hours stretches at night, but typically stays closer to 8 hour stretches, which is of course nothing to complain about.

I still don't see much of a routine with her, but that is probably because we always have something going and don't spend too many days at home in row. Jocelyn loves to coo, smile, and talk to you when she is awake. Some how I was blessed with very easy babies.

Here are her stats from her 2 month visit on August 19th.
Weight: 10lbs 15oz (50th percentile)
Height: 23 inches (75th percentile)
Head: 15 3/4 inches (80th percentile)

Charlotte just keep growing up and getting more and more independent. She likes to do all adult things. She helps me empty the dishwasher on a daily basis, will pick up her toys with help, retrieve things when asked, follow basic directions, draws, and helps set the table for dinner. One of her new favorite things is to dress up. She tries to put on any clothes she can get her hands on, even if they are Jocelyn's. She also loves putting on our shoes and walking around.

As far as language skills, those keep building as well: New animal sounds include: monkey, snake, gorilla, penguin, and owl. For some reason we cannot get her to master cat. Verbally she says book, milk, juice, drink, outside, all gone/done, please, and I am sure some others that I am not remembering right now. She has added a few signs as well, cheese, cracker, and cookie.

Here are some pictures from the last few weeks...sorry, most of them are of Charlotte...Jocelyn is already suffering from second child syndrome with fewer she interacts more, we'll get more pictures.

Coloring on a dry erase board (pardon the nudity...they markers weren't washable)
The Zimmerman family came for a visit. Noah is just a few weeks younger than Charlotte. Here they were playing at Kaleidoscope.
Proudly changing her baby's diaper.
Play time on the bed.
Getting into Mama's closet
Stylin'! Only a toddler could look that cute in that ensemble.
That is what her hair looks like most of the is a struggle to keep a bow or rubberband in...she constantly pulls them out. After we're done with the paper, it is Charlotte's turn to "read" it.

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lydia said...

I love that first picture of Jocelyn and of Charlotte "reading" the paper. Too cute! Are you teaching her about couponing? :)