Thursday, August 05, 2010

Charlotte (18 1/2 months) and Jocelyn (6 weeks)

The summer is flying by!! We are pretty well settled into being a family of four. Life is some what normal now and I go out several times a week with the girls.

Charlotte's vocabulary is growing quickly. She has added a few more signs this month (music and cracker). She has started talking more as well: "heryago" (here you go, as she hands you something), 1-2-3, mama, thank you, shoe, trash, good girl, burr (when something is cold), uh-oh, ouch, and help.

Over the last month Charlotte has become afraid of many things that haven't been a problem before. She is afraid of cars and walking in parking lots. I think this is due to a car starting near her that she wasn't expecting and startled her. She use to love baths and would not mind her hair being washed. Now, while she will take a bath without a problem, hair washing is a fight. I end up soaked by the end of the ordeal and she ends in tears. It isn't fun. We have also started seeing some fits when she doesn't get her way, so we have started some short time outs. She is showing more food preferences as well. She LOVES fruit and corn on the cob, but does not like cottage cheese. She doesn't eat much meat but is getting better. This week she ate a sloppy joe and some chicken, and as always, is still a big fan of turkey dogs.

Jocelyn is growing like a weed. We don't remember Charlotte growing so fast and changing so quickly. She weighs 9lbs 15oz according to her weigh in at the last breastfeeding group (8/2/2010), which was an 11 oz weight gain in a week! I couldn't believe it! She continues to be a very content baby, but spits up more than Charlotte did, but still not so much that I'm concerned. When she is awake she loves being in her swing and will coo and smile at the mobile and mirror above her. She usually goes down for the night around 10 and wakes up between 4 and 5:30 to eat, then sleeps again until 7:30. We are definitely getting more sleep than we did when Charlotte was this age.

We are anxious for the heat to subside a bit so we can spend more time outside. Charlotte loves our daily walks to the mailbox, but hates when we have to come back in. 105+ index just isn't good playing weather.

Jocelyn smiling at Charlotte. Charlotte usually gets her to smile better than we can. It is so sweet to see the sister bond already.
I found this large metal tub at Target on clearance and picked it up for a toy bin. Charlotte loves playing in it. The other day we joked as she crawled in it and asked, "are you going to take a a nap." Hours later when I told her it was nap time, she immediately went to the tub with a blanket and crawled in. Nice try!
Charlotte loves "shushing" Jocelyn, unfortunately, she usually sticks her finger in her mouth in the process.
Smiles. :)

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