Sunday, May 31, 2009

Pictures and more pictures! May 2009

Helping Mama plant herbs in pots.

Being a great helper! Happy...

...and smiling!

One would think that would hurt your neck.

Another baseball game. Too bad the outcome wasn't as good as last time for the Royals.

Watching the crowd.
I think she looks like her daddy.

Our group...well part of our group all in a line...Hannah to George. There were nine others that were not there yet. Most everyone was from church, plus some other friends and family.

Sitting on the couch in a silly little outfit...I just put the hat on her for laughs. It didn't really fit.

A frequent spot...helping mama in the kitchen.

oops...seeing this picture makes me realize I should probably put outlet covers in those...She really isn't reaching yet...she just sits there and talks to me.


Dani said...

What a doll! I agree with you she looks an aweful lot like her Daddy in that picture.

Other Mother said...

How precious! HUGS!

melliehodges said...

Beautiful pictures, Liz! I loved the first one. WE have that same bumbo seat, but Bethany arches her back and almost always comes out of it, so I only use it when I am feeding her and she is willing to sit still. Charlotte is truly adorable!