Thursday, May 14, 2009

Guessing game...

UPDATE!! Lydia is the was...

$11.06 With coupons I save $66.24! I was pretty excited...better than I've done with coupons in a long time. The occasion was slightly soured when I got home and I had another $5 coupon I could have used that arrive in the mail that day. :( Oh well...can't complain about saving over $60!

It has been awhile since I've shared some of my deal shopping on the blog. I would like to say it has been because I've been so busy grabbing deals I haven't had time to share, but rather, I've been too busy to cut coupons faithfully and follow the ads. Last night I spent some time getting together a list and coupons for Target. Tonight...I ventured to the store to see what I could get for a steal. Here is what I got...

1 large canister of oatmeal
10 Hersey Bliss candy bars
9 Quaker Bite Snacks
4 Kraft Easy Mac
1 Joint Juice
3 boxes 100 Calorie Snacks
3 BBQ sauce
6 Kraft Salad Dressings
6 Kraft Mayo
2 Cleaning brushes

With that said...just for fun...leave guesses of how much money I spent in the comment box here or on Facebook. I'll reveal the answer tomorrow night! You never know...if you get closest, maybe I'll send you a bottle of mayo...who knows what I'll do with 6 bottles of it! :)

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lydia said...

I'm horrible at this, but I'm going to guess $11.54!

Thanks for sharing about the shopping trip. I've been waiting to hear about it.