Monday, April 09, 2007

Last wedding post...

Although the wedding was five weeks ago now...George and I still reflect back on that day. So many friends and family made the day so special to us. We have hundreds of pictures we could share...but there are so many other things I've been wanting to blog about, so I think I am going to be moving on to other topics, events, and happenings.

Our photographer, Amy Knollmeyer, has a blog that she put some of her favorites from the wedding on, feel free to check those out. In a few weeks we will get to meet with her to see her collection of photos.

If any of you have photos that you wouldn't mind sharing with us from the day...we'd love to have copies for our album.

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strem said...

The pictures on Amy's blog are beautiful, and I know you must be so excited to see the rest. I especially love the black and white one as you're leaving, the prayer picture, and the silhouette photo. Very unique! Both of you look wonderful in the pictures!!!