Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Kansas City BBQ

Kansas City is known for their BBQ. There are more BBQ restaurants in Kansas City than any other city. It was a bit of a surprise to us that shortly after we moved here we were confronted with the question of, "Who's has be best KC BBQ?" Me, not being much of a barbeque person, kind of dismissed and was unenthused about making the rounds to find a favorite. It didn't take long to realize it really is a must to determine your favorite, so---we began the search.

There are three barbeque places in KC that tend to make the #1 spot for most residents.

1. Gate's
This was the first restaurant we stumbled upon so we thought we'd give it a try. If you go expecting a nice, comfortable restaurant with curtious waiters and waitresses, you've certainly went to the wrong place. After you've waited in line, that likely started in the parking lot, they are to the point, and quick to take your order...you better know what you want and not be shy about it or you may end up not eating.

2. Fiorella's Jack Stack
I first had Jack Stack's barbeque about two years ago at a wedding reception. At the time I enjoyed it and didn't give much thought to it. As I realize now...it is important to KNOW your KC BBQ! A few weeks ago I had Friday off, so George took the day off for us to do some "grown-up" stuff like go the the DMV, etc. Fun fun! Well, we decided to make it a little more exciting by checking out Jack Stack. The inside was decorated to look as if it were the interior of a barn with a lot of character. We enjoyed ourselves as the waiter explained what his favorites were and made his personal recommendations for our first visit. As usual, we ate too much and went on our way.

3. Arthur Bryant's
Lastly, another favorite of many is Arthur Bryants. We spent this last Saturday celebrating George's birthday trying to see as many Kansas City sites as we could and decided this should be our lunch location. When we went to the previous two favorites we went to the location closest to our home. This time...we decided to find the original. Well...again it was an experience! Let's just say it isn't in the best, prettiest, safest part of town. None the less, we were lured in by the aroma knowing it had to be good. As we stood in line we looked at all the pictures of the celebrities who had visited to try the popular KC BBQ; Steven Spielberg, Danny Glover, Tommy Lee Jones, Sally Fields, and many more. Again, the service wasn't to die for...but apparently if the BBQ is good enough, people will still wait in line out the door for some grub.

Well of the three BIG BBQ's our vote is split. George was a fan of Arthur Bryant's for the taste and the sauce. It came with a couple slices of Wonder bread, with meat slopped on top, with sauces on the table to add as you wish. My vote was for Jack Stack...don't get me wrong, Arthur Bryant's was pretty good...maybe it was just the atmosphere but it won be over hands down! I loved the soft bakery bun with meat stacked high and their delicious cheesy corn bake. Yum yum good!

So for those who are due for a visit...come on down, over, or up and we'll make sure you have a least one true KC BBQ experience.


lydia said...

I'm really hungry now. The cheesy corn bake from Jack Stack sounds delicious! Maybe I'll have to have my own KC BBQ contest next time I come for a visit.

strem said...

Glad you tried Arthur Bryants with the others. Some people skip right over it, but I think it is great. I, too, never knew my stance on barbecue would be such an important factor in introductions prior to my move to KC, but IT IS! There are a few "hole in the wall" places that are excellent, and I'll try to remember where they are. (I am now hungry, also!)