Sunday, March 11, 2007

We're home!!

We arrived back from our honeymoon on Thursday late evening and have spent the last few days trying to get in some sort of routine and get ready to get back to work tomorrow. I don't know how ready we are but ready or not ... tomorrow is Monday!

We had a wonderful time and there is no way we could possibly thank everyone who contributed to our special day. We will write more later, and post pictures, but right now we don't have internet access at home (thank you Ben and Julie for letting us use yours), but we wanted everyone to know we were home. We love you!


Other Mother said...

Welcome home to the new Mr. and Mrs.! New city, new jobs, new marriage, and now a new house! Whew! So many changes in such a short time. Who would have imagined it a year ago?!

We are so thankful that God has brought you together, and answered your prayers. Love you both!

strem said...

Hope you are settling in nicely, and hope to speak to both of you soon. We miss you - MUCH!