Thursday, January 04, 2007

Prayer request for my mom

About a week ago my mom began having trouble with a spot under her arm. Two days ago she was placed on antibiotics. She took them for several days while the area continued to swell and was very painful. She went to the doctor and he quickly admitted her to the hospital. They had hoped to do surgery tonight, but a problem arose and it has now been scheduled for in the morning. The infection spread so rapidly it is in her glands, and is not responding to current antibiotics. I was able to speak to her briefly because she had company, and she sounded fine, but I know she is weary from lack of sleep. It should be a simple surgery, but she will be in the hospital for several days. Please keep her and the doctors in your prayers as she endures this trial. I'm sure my dad would appreciate the prayers as well, he now has several little ones on his hands.


Chris said...

Liz: I'll certainly be praying for your Mom & Dad as they go through these trials. I'll also inform Little Flock about it as well.

I heard the news that you and George were blessed with a new church home. I am thankful that God has provided this blessing for you both.

strem said...

Already praying for them now - especially your mom!