Sunday, January 14, 2007

Christmas Morning

Concluding the Christmas posts; we ended our Christmas journey at my parents house, all gathered to open gifts on Christmas morning. Above, Caitlin and Fadraon sit, patiently waiting their turn to open their next gift.

Hannah had been playing with wrapping paper for a good 15 minutes, but all the sudden we looked over and her eyes were quite droopy. Then before we knew it, she dropped the paper and was out like a light. I think all in all she had a wonderful first Christmas.

Emma waiting for her turn as well. It was so much fun watching all of the kids open their gifts and be truly appreciative of them. Caitlin stopped in the midst of opening gifts with Mike and Sarah and said, "Mama, did you buy all these things?" Sarah, said, "yes" and Caitlin quickly said, "Thank you so much mama." We had a wonderful Christmas season visiting our friends and family.

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strem said...

Wish we had more kids around to share in the excitement and so we could continue wearing our pajamas! But, ours was still pretty exciting. It's wonderful to know she's so thankful!